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The Importance of Boundaries in Dating & Relationships

Categories: Dating

What are Boundaries?

Boundaries are personal or mutual standards of acceptable behavior towards you and others. They are actually a necessary part of every relationship you have. Whether it be with your co-worker, friend, S.O.(significant other), or the stranger in front of you getting Starbucks — there is a limit to what they are allowed to do to or with you. Lets focus on the relationship with your S.O…

Establishing Boundaries

Early in your relationship, establishing boundaries is very important in having a healthy and successful relationship. For example, my 6th date with my girlfriend consisted of defining boundaries in our relationship — and yes, more have been added since then. Boundaries should be stated clearly so there is no room for misinterpretation, and there needs to be a mutual agreement to uphold them. They provide continuous opportunities to honor and respect the other’s body, convictions, and values. They also “guard your heart” or protect you from making strong emotional attachments too early in the relationship before committal love has the chance to grow. Keep in mind though, the purpose of boundaries are not to save your relationship, but they can protect you from becoming too attached in one that is still young or that has become destructive.

The Essence of Boundaries

The reason why they are so necessary within a relationship comes down to one word – Purity.
Purity plays a number of rolls in a relationship:

  • It is what allows us to leave a failed relationship without strong emotional attachments and other forms of baggage.
  • To build trust and confidence in the relationship.
  • To love uninhibited and unconditionally.

When you are dating someone, chances are you already find them physically attractive. So take this time to get to build mental, emotional, and spiritual intimacy. The reality is, with time, looks fade. If you happen to fall in love with their soul, their beauty becomes timeless.

Your thoughts?

Originally posted on Pursuit of Freedom by Jerez Bain

Author: Jerez Bain

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