Our Mission

To advance the Kingdom of God in the earth, one soul at a time.
Our Vision:
To provide a place where people from all walks of life can come to experience
prayer, praise, worship, and ultimately God’s Presence & Rule 24/7/365.

We accomplish both by providing in-depth education in the Word of God – unveiling His Heart & Mind as we learn together the Kingdom Principles that Jesus taught throughout His Ministry. Those under the burden of sin: guilt, shame, low-self esteem, substance abuse, etc. become believers, believers become transformed & born-again as citizens of His Kingdom here on earth (His original intent).

As Kingdom Citizens, we leave the world system & its economy of ‘lack’ and we enter our new ‘country’ under His Soverign Rule in His Righteous Government, and we prosper in His Economy of Abundance.
So our Mission & Vision are accomplished as the Body of Christ unifies to live His Will & Way – 24/7/365 – to advance His Kingdom so everyone can enjoy His Benefits & Blessings.