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Bible Study

  • 07:00 PM
  • 431 S Shortridge Rd - Indianapolis, IN 46219
  • 1 (317) 353-8377

We know – you’ve been to some ‘church’ services that were boring or scary.

We know – you’ve been to some Bible Studies that were boring & didn’t relate to your life.

We know – you have heard pastors or teachers that talk a lot but say nothing important.

We know – you left out of all those scenarios as empty as you went in.

We know – because we’ve BEEN THERE too!  And because we’ve been there, we know you’re looking for some real life answers to your real life issues!  Don’t let the name, ‘Bible Study’ scare you or keep you from coming in because it’s just a title for a night of learning real ways & real Words that will help you to face & OVERCOME your real issues!   Hey, maybe that’s what we should call it!  Real Answers for Your Real Issues!

Pastor Trey Davis has a true gift to teach with humor & insight, he makes it very plain & simple to understand because he really cares that you get what God is saying to you.  The time he spends in God’s Word is evident by the messages he is given to share with us for our “today issues”.   God is aching for His followers to receive His Protection from this crazy world, to receive His Provision for everything we need, and to realize our individual Purpose that He designed for us.  We’ve heard about Salvation (which is wonderful), but there is much Life after Salvation & it’s called Kingdom Living!  We need to understand the authority God has given us to have Dominion in His Kingdom here on earth, and we need to know that He has given us His Wisdom to carry His Power to overcome the world – just as Jesus did.

Come & experience the things God wants you to know – The Truth about how much He loves you, and how He has designed your life to be the BEST for you in His Kingdom here on earth – today especially!  Yes, He wants you to spend Eternity with Him, but since you have to live in this world now, He wants you to live your life More Abundantly!

When you are prosperous through Him – in every area – mental, emotional & physical  health, all of your relationships, your career & goals, your present & your future, then His Reflection in you helps others to want to know Him too.

So when you’re tired of being tired, and you’re ready to receive some real-world information & some hands-on principles that will PROPEL you from a limited & lacking lifestyle to a successful & prosperous one – come to one or two Bible Studies at CFWC, you WILL NOT leave the same way you came!

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