Matthew 3:11-12: We believe this Promise is an Ordinance that all born-again believers are honor-bound to adhere to as instructed by Jesus.
Anyone can request to be water baptized at anytime, we have no set dayys. As God leads an individual, we are obedient to perform His Service upon that request.

Our ministers pre-counsel each individual to ensure each detail of this special experience is understood & accepted willingly, and without coercion. Further instruction is available regarding the entire process of water baptism, Holy Spirit baptism, and Fire baptism. It’s a wonderful spiritual, emotional & physical experience that every born-again believer should embrace without fear or reservation. We rejoice with everyone who is baptized – it’s a great event in the Kingdom!

Infants & children not yet of age to comprehend Baptism can be dedicated to God by special request to ~ Please provide a phone number, a minister will contact you personally.

Note: CFWC provides all the necessary items, from socks to towels & head coverings if needed.