If you’re single, you already know the ups & downs we face in today’s world, and you know it’s not easy! Add being a single parent – serving as both father & mother – and it becomes doubly difficult to balance everything.

Now add wanting to live a life submitted to God, being patient that He will send the ‘right’ person at the right time – the key words being, ‘His Right Time’! As singles who are truly Souled Out to Him, we don’t want to be controlled by our own personal desires & wants, we truly want only His Will, because we know He only wants the best for us and in our heart we also know we must be ‘actively patient!’ Giving Him all the time He wants to orchestrate & arrange all things for our good. But Ugghh – seems like more stress added to the mix! Scripture tells us He won’t put on us more than we can bare – but do you sometimes want to ask Him, “how come You trust me so much”?! It may appear things are not coming together for us – if we’re looking from the base of the mountain, it may look like it’s an impossible situation, a really frustrating situation.

But – BE ENCOURAGED! Singles Souled out to God, DON’T DWELL at the base of the mountain with the crowds of confused & frustrated people. We dwell on the Mountain of God where the view is crystal clear, cause we see from His Perspective, through His Eyes! We can breathe deeply the fresh, clean air & receive His Instructions face to face. Looking into His Eyes it’s really easy to be patient & wait on Him – cause we can see our destiny in His Eyes.

He has knit S.O.S. together as a family of friends who have experienced or are experiencing some of the same tough situations & struggles so they truly can “feel” your pain. But with God’s Presence in S.O.S. we help each other overcome every situation & struggle. When we get together downtown for a walk around the Canal, or for a BBQ picnic, or for dinner, or a movie, or even just playing games at someone’s home we know God is there & that He’s enjoying the fellowship as much as we are. Through His Word we gain insight & understanding & assurance that His Plan is Best & isn’t accomplished yet. He gives us a renewed patience & expectation for things to come.

Friends sharing similar experiences can gain a lot of strength from each other & sharing mishaps, stories, tears & laughs dissolves all loneliness & frustration. Often when dealing with overwhelming situations, another viewpoint can make all the difference – new ideas, new approaches, new things to do – can all help to easy the burdens of being single.  And our single parents are able to relate & share their special situations.

S.O.S. isn’t about us searching for mates – instead it’s about us “dancing with God & letting Him allow someone else to cut in when He’s ready”. This paraphased quote is from Maya Angelou (referring to women), but for S.O.S., we feel it fits for everyone:  “A person’s heart should be so hidden in Christ, that one who desires to be with him/her must find Jesus first”

If you’re single with or without children, come join us. We we have a lot of fun, with good people. Stay connected with us on this site, FB or Email us: sos@cornerstoneindy.net